Game Design
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40 Stories is a third-person puzzle game currently being implemented with Epic’s Unreal Development Kit (January Beta.) Gameplay is 2D, with 3D graphics leveraging UDK’s accessible pipeline and editor functions.

My game design roles on this project have consisted of:

  • Brainstorming, testing, and iterating gameplay mechanics: mainly multiplicity, a feature allowing the player to create controllable clones of themselves.
  • Identifying gameplay problems and solutions in prototype phase and beyond.
  • Prioritizing features for development schedule.
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DAVIS demo coming soon. Will require Unreal Tournament 3 to play.

DAVIS is a first-person adventure game implemented with Epic’s Unreal Tournament 3 Editor. Gameplay uses location and item driven puzzle-solving similar to Myst, with horror and suspense elements.

My game design roles on this project have consisted of:

  • Working in a six person committee to establish backstory, characters, and quests within the framework of a thematic, three-act story.
  • Creating and maintaining plot and puzzle design documentation for team use.
  • Periodically setting agenda and leading design meetings to solve specific design problems or brainstorm particular ideas.
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Click to download Alpha Lounge beta installer (.exe)

Alpha Lounge is a multiplayer game based on quick reflexes and a strong vocabulary. Players compete to spell words from a communal pool of letters based on rules that change. Alpha Lounge is fast-paced, playable over a network or locally using You Don’t Know Jack-style “buzzer” controls.

My game design roles on this project have consisted of:

  • Working with three team members to design a novel game idea.
  • Iterating design through playtesting paper prototype up through playable digital beta.

Click to download the Stalks beta game (.rar)

Stalks was created by a four person team in half a semester. It is a sim game where the player directs a gardener in the care of a giant beanstalk, attempting to produce and harvest giant beans within a time limit. Players use the gardener for actions such as watering the plant and deterring pests, or purchasing items at the market. The player also controls the beanstalk’s growth pattern.

Stalks won Grand Prize in the Interactive Media category at the 2007 Media Arts Festival.

My design roles on this project have consisted of:

  • Working with team members to balance core game concepts with fun gameplay.
  • Encouraging and personally facilitating communication between all team members.
  • Ensuring everyone had a common understanding of design goals and rationale for decisions.
  • Maintaining development schedule based on producer-defined milestones and project issues.
  • Coordinating all playtest sessions and collating feedback for design revisions.
Lead Designer
  • Conceiving and pitching original game concept.
  • Testing and iterating game mechanics through paper prototyping.
  • Tuning digital prototype from developer and target audience playtesting feedback.
  • Providing programmers with parameters for implementing game mechanics.
Programming by Chris Funk and Todd Brown, Artwork by Josiah Koons and me; all project members contributed to the game's design.