Intended for a voice actor, I wrote this document for DAVIS. The antagonist Katherine speaks to the player through red phones scattered in the environment.

Where What Motivation Target Length (sec)
Alex’s Parent’s Room (leaving) Childish giggling and *click* (phone hang up) She has a crush on Alex, she is nervous/shy. :05
School Office (coming in) [excited] “My mom’s making me cake today!”
[excited] “There’s a party after school!”
It’s her birthday today. --
Community Center Lobby (coming in) [excited, happy] “I practiced every day!” She has worked hard to practice and takes pride in that. --
Community Center Lobby (leaving) [sad, dejected] “I practiced every day” Her perceived failure of herself and her father is crushing. --
Joseph’s Study [panicked, hysterical] “You’re not supposed to be here! Get out!”
[panicked, hysterical] “No no no no no no!”
She is terrified of her father and the consequences of going into his study. --
Diner (coming in) [husky, alluring] “Come back, Alex. It’s too early to go out.” She wants to lure Alex back to Suburbia (with a carrot instead of a stick) --
Drive-in video silhouette on movie screen, waist up “Now you listen to me, Alex. You’re not supposed to be here and you’re ruining everything. Go back now or I’ll refuse to see you anymore. Do we understand each other?” She wants to scare Alex back to Suburbia. Her plans are on thin ice, the consequences of Alex not going back are that her world will be broken, all her plans will turn to ashes. :15 to :30
Drive-in (after Corvette) [screaming, hysterical] “NOOOOOOoooooo!” All of her plans have been destroyed. Those plans were the key to suppressing her past and her identity. i.e. her life is over. :07
Mini Control Room video silhouette or rim lit, sitting in a chair, waist up “Alex, my dear, you and I… we need to talk. I don’t like how things have been between us. I’ve worked so hard to make this perfect world. You were supposed to be a part of it. I loved you and you betrayed me. “
“Well, guess what? I’m not going to suffer on your account any more. I’m going to clean up your mess and move on. You’ll never see me again. I wish you could have done the right thing… Good bye Alex.”
She has decided that Alex is no longer welcome in her little world. He has to go away permanently. --
Final Room / Monkey Box Long groan, as if her head is hurting, then soft crying. [helpless-sounding] “Noooooo, daddy. Daddy, why? They all went away. They’re all gone. I don’t want to be alone anymore.”
[more composed, upset but not hysterical] “Alex, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. Please, come and let me see you. Just one last time.”
She doesn’t want to see the truth of her mother’s murder or her own murder, but she can’t escape from it any more. She wants to get away from the pain. She wants to forgive Alex for ruining DAVIS for her. --
Kat’s Control Room (endgame) video silhouette or rim lit, standing and speaking, waist up “Alex, I’m so sorry. It’s my fault. I thought I could make it better. I thought I could bring her back, bring them all back. Even my father. But I was wrong. He’s a liar and a murderer and so am I. Everyone’s gone, and nothing will change that.”
“I just wanted to forget everything. Everything… except you. I wanted to... I just wanted to feel like I belonged.”
“But now I see that can’t happen. I don’t belong here, and you don’t either. Thank you Alex.”
“You should go. Now.”
She realizes that she has become her father.
She has accepted that she has nothing left.
She believes that destruction of herself and her world is the only thing she has control over.
She wants Alex to know that she doesn’t blame him, and to thank him.
She wants Alex to know what she was trying to do (be happy, be normal, escape sadness, escape the past.)