Other Work

I have been employed by the Honors Program and the Center for Math and Science Education at California State University, Chico to design and maintain databases using FileMaker Pro.

My job duties have included:

  • Designing and implementing relational databases from user requirements.
  • Solving technical and infrastructure issues identified by myself and other users.
  • Maintaining existing databases: verifying data consistency, script functionality and relationship integrity in multi-thousand record files.
[ Scripting Level Design Game Design Other Work]

DAVIS demo coming soon. Will require Unreal Tournament 3 to play.

DAVIS is a first-person adventure game implemented with Epic’s Unreal Tournament 3 Edtior. Gameplay uses location and item driven puzzle-solving similar to Myst, with horror and suspense elements.

My roles on this project have consisted of:

Asset Manager
  • Checking assets coming to Level Design for: efficient UV maps, appropriate texture size and model scale size, geometry problems such as inverse normals.
  • Packaging assets for use in UT3 Editor.
  • Maintaining searchable asset list for project wiki and reference by leads and level designers.

Below are samples of my creative writing work. (Will open in new tabs)